Monday, January 10, 2011

DCU Online --- Coming tomorrow!!

As a guy who got into the closed beta, I will say that the DC Universe online game is a sweet looking game.   The world is cool, the chance to do some neat missions with your favorite DC universe characters is nice.   But truth be told, I wasn't going to pick up the game.   I'm still looking for the Superhero MMO that has a strong RPG element.   This one doesn't have one.    It's an action MMO that will require much button mashing.   If you pick up the PC version of the game, make sure you plug in a controller from either PS3 or XBOX 360 ... otherwise your mouse hands are going to get a little sore, especially once you unlock some combos.

I pre-ordered the collector's edition back in September I think, and I really wasn't going to pick it up .. but I changed my mind.   Why?   Because I geeked out on the Very COOL Batman figurine.

Probably the best statuette of Batman in quite awhile.   Oh, yeah, and the game will be a nice diversion for the next month.  Like most mmo releases, you might want to give it a day or so before you get online, just so Sony will have time to work out the bugs.

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