Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pojoh the burg, in his awesomeness ...

Ok, I'm very conceited when it comes to my characters .. I love them, because I took the time to design them, and watched them rise from the mediocrity of lvl 1, to the raw power of 65.  Alright, that's a little over-doing it, but I'm enjoying the experience.    Anywhoo here's my burg, and in an attempt to make him more akin to J.R.R.'s vision, dressed him in this lovely elven robe, with a dye of yellow.    Apparently Hobbits favor the color yellow the most (yes, I'm reading the Fellowship of the Ring ... and that stood out for me).   The trouble is finding the right hat for a burg that shows up as 'bright' yellow.   One of the troubles with the dye-ing system in Lord of the Rings Online, is that it is REALLY rare that you can dye anything a bright white, or bright yellow.   Chances are that you'll only make a brown hat less brown, instead of BRIGHT.    LOTRO also has dreadful hats for the most part.   If anyone can find a decent hat for my li'l burg, let me know. :)

Other than that, my burg really isn't that uber, as I haven't really been playing the game that often (now that the Christmas celebrates are a thing of the past) and he's lacking in some stat stuff, but the game still draws me in.

Recently I have been playing Mass Effect 2 way too much.  Finished the game the second time through, and now playing it with a different character a third time.    The game has such a great story, superb characterization, and I think it rivals ANY other scifi video game ... ever.   Bold words ... true :)

I think the Mass Effect movie is still going ahead, that should be fun, but I think it'll be hard to match the game.

Reading wise, I'm taking on Donita K. Paul's 'Dragonspell' on my Kobo ... a great e-novel so far.    I still need to continue my 'Fellowship of the Ring'  .... so many books so little time.

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