Monday, November 22, 2010

Classic Star Trek Weapons for Yoti..

Ok, played with the new CLASSIC star trek weapons that I received for completing the Devidian episode of Star Trek Online... Classic Phaser, and Classic rifle (from the 'Cage' I believe)

The above is of course the phaser.  Now the rifle...

How awesome is THAT!!  Anyways, not only is the rifle cool, but it does decent damage as well.

Season 3 is coming out soon, early December I think.   When it is released, that will be the time to pick this game up if you haven't already.  Big changes happening to Sector Space, and the chance to create your own Star Trek episode.  Ok, the 'Foundry' as it will be called won't have all the features, but we will be able to dabble in it, until the full release comes out a couple weeks later.  Very cool.

STO tip of the day (or week, depending when I can get down to do these)... Remember, deal with the Targ Masters first, everything else second.   Crazy Klingon dogs with otherwise continue to respawn throughout you battles.

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