Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Superman, Shazam, and Black Adam ... oh my?

Ok, lets face it, DC Comics/WB brings out really good, even amazingly awesome animated movies.   I usually buy any of them that come out, because their storyline and animation is just terrific, and the characters are top-notch.    THIS one looks great, it's got Superman (yea, used too much, but it's Superman), Shazam, and Black Adam ... who in his own right is so freaking vicious on the comic page.    So I was about to pick it up, and I find out that it's an animated 'short' movie.  


I'm going to pay close to $30 for a short movie?   Oh, btw, it does contain their previous shorts: Green Arrow, Jonah Hex, and the Spectre ... all with additional footage.   But still ... $30???

Ok, now what gets me is that they (WB) is thinking this is a neat package, new buyers are going to come and pick out this blu-ray (or dvd).   I think they don't realize that a person is only going to pick this up, IF they've picked up the other movies.   This is a FAN BOY thing.   Why would I spend that much money on a short film (and lets face it folks, their feature length movies only last 65-80 minutes) that contains other short films that I've already seen?   I think WB is milking the cash cow of their animated flicks through this offer.

I am going to see this sometime, but either it's going to be in 5 months from now, where I can get it cheap for 10 bucks, or I'll get it for Christmas.

Until then, I'll be watching Iron Man 2 again ... until next week when 'The Expendables' comes out.

Oh, finally the Avatar Blu-ray came out .. with all the extended stuff and extra's.  Funny, though, I've been waiting for this movie to come out, but  have no real desire to pick it up.   BTW, can somebody tell me the logic in, why the DVD version contains 3 disks ... and the Blu-ray version contains 3 disks?   It's BLU-RAY ... the whole point of this new technology was the amount of data these disks can hold.   Why not just stick everything on ONE DISK??   I have a theory ... THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, and it's a straight copy.  Why else?  Anyone?

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