Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Lotro Store

Ah, the Lotro store, the place to exchange real money for fake goods.   Like the new 'Steed of Night' shown to the left.   A steed that looks funky, has the same attributes as a rep. mount, but is only available in the store, for one night only for $20 in real money.   OUCH!   Now Lord of the Rings Online isn't the only game that has a store, you can buy mounts in World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online.   etc.  but those companies allow all your characters to own the horse, spaceship etc.   Now, truth be told, when I realized that Lotro was selling this steed, my first inclination was 'gotta catch'em all' ... because, it's new and shiny, and it'll go with my other steeds in Lotro.   But after careful thought, and by the time my mind caught up to my wallet, I realized that I will pass on this mount. If you want a cool mount, get your rep up with the elves, or men, or wait for the winter festival.

That's not to say that I never spent money in the Lotro store.   But you've gotta draw the line somewhere.   So save your points/money for the important stuff in lotro ... like wardrobe space, virtues that you dread to grind in Moria ... and cool costumes (because with the wardrobe system, all your characters can wear your new duds ... and fashion counts ;)  ) but pass on silly and costly items like this.    Other things to pass on ... potions, crafting gear, food, festival items.  

Anyway, that's my take on it.

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