Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hmm.. lifetime subscriptions.

Lifetime subscriptions to MMO's have their appeal to gamers.   Especially if you know for sure that your going to get your money out of 'em.  There are only 2 games that I have personally paid for the lifetime subscriptions; Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Trek Online.    Thank goodness for that, because I play both of these game regularly and they are both healthy mmo's .. meaning that after I paid for their lifetime subscriptions, the companies didn't fold up shop and leave their customers high and dry.

I was checking out the news today, and Champions Online is offering a lifetime subscription service, for the first time in a year.   Now generally speaking, I'm all for giving gamers the option for lifetime subscriptions ... but for the last 2 weeks the 'BIG' announcement from Cryptic studios was that Champion's Online was going to free-to-play.   FREE-TO-PLAY!!  I know that there are certain perks that are coming with lifetime memberships, like NOT buying all the upgrades to the game, a foxbat 'pet', and 2 retro costumes.   But is it really worth it?

For some who are regularly playing this game now .... it might be a decent deal, but even then, it would be hard pressed for people to buy into.   Especially for a game that is short on story for the long haul.

In my own opinion, I think this is a move to get people into their game before DC Universe Online launches.   Because for once .. Sony is taking its time with an MMO game, and is releasing DCU when it's ready, and when it's ready, it is going to be the big kahuna in the Superhero mmo landscape.    Why?

  1. It's got history, charm and it's the DC Universe!
  2. Professional voice actors.
  3. A Storyline.
  4. It is Console friendly ... the reason to consider getting a PS3.
  5. So far ... all signs lead to a polished released product.
  6. A chance to have your character appear in an actual LEGITIMATE comic book!!
Here is what Champions ONLINE needs to do in my humble opinion:
  1. Scrap the crafting ... it is really more confusing than helpful.   
  2. Have a storyline that makes sense, and that people can get behind.
  3. Have an environment that is conducive to the rpg crowd.
  4. Hook up with a comic book company ... even for 6 issues.   Build a legitimate rep with the comic book community.
  5. Lifetime subscriptions need real incentive.  aka.  Your own super hero pad, or sidekick.
So for now, Champions Online will have to wait for my $$.

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