Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still around...

Ok, I haven't blogged for a bit, and I'm trying to write 50,000 words in a month.   Guess what?  I don't think the writing this is going to happen, as too much stuff is happening in my life.   Between work and gaming, seriously, who can even think about writing?!?!  Anyway, just to mumble some stuff on page, I'll let you know how the gaming thing is going:

Lord of the Rings Online:  My Burg (Pojoh) on Firefoot server (rpg? what rpg?) is now kindred with the Inn League.. and is now enjoying tromping around the world on a drunken steed!   I like this horse, as it's got like 4 kegs of ale on it's hind quarter.   I tend to think that all horses should have kegs of frothing ale on their hind quarters, but hey that's just me.     Also, i completed another virtue in the 'Discipline' line, and while I did that (in Sinaur?!?) I also picked up enough first age tokens, to make my burg kindred to Thorin's Hall... there was much celebration!!  Ok so now I'm in Eregion (ARAGON??) and killing wolves and nasty wargs for another mark toward my discipline trait.   Good stuff.  

Also, I got my Turbine Loot for the store today, which went toward wardrobe space.   Hopefully the wardrobe comes with a secret passage way into Narnia!!  Barring that though, it will be good to empty my chests of clothes.   Remember, in middle-earth, ya gotta look good to be good!!  So, all this happened in the last 2 days, as you can tell, I've been busy gaming.

Star Trek Online:  The Devidian Series: Episode 4 was released.   These episodes are amazingly well done, and really, if you have doubts about Star Trek Online, just get to level 10, and play these episodes.   The story is great, and everything about them really shines geeky Star Trek-i-dom.   At the end of Episode 4 you get a cool retro laser for your starship, which LEVELS AS YOU LEVEL.   So awesome.   I've finished the episode with my tactical captain 'Yoti' (pictured in the previous blog), and now going through it with my Admiral, Pojoh.

Ok, there you have it.

Oh, before you leave, I have a new blog centered around my faith.   Whether it's CD reviews, bible studies or whatever, check it out, it's called "the Narthax" ... hmm, which is not only a meeting place in Churches, but an amazing name in itself ... must be Klingon. ;)

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