Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When you feel for the NPC's

Going to a movie isn't just going into a movie, it's a chance to throw myself into the world and situations that are presenting themselves on the big screen for 2 hours, and for some strange reason I get emotionally attached what's happening ... Unless the movie is total crap, than I shed tears of regret for the $10 bucks I just spent.

Games are sort of the same thing, not that I get all blubbery anytime my burglar dies in Lord of the Rings, or the captain and crew of my starship in Star Trek Online dies in a horrible ball of FLAME and MOLTEN METAL.   No .. because, it's part of the game, part of how we get better as a player.    But sometimes there is a moment when I wish I didn't have to 'off' some npc (non-playable character).   

Like when I'm getting rid of bandits around Bree, and my burglar thrusts his dagger into a female npc ... there is a certain sound effect ... like the 'last breath' that you can hear .. that does have a sobering affect on me.   Are there times when the story of a game, or the npc's do some sort of action, or the game makes you do questionable things, that you just have to take a breath and go "Does this feel right?   Why is my character doing this?"

Does your belief system, the way your ideals are shaped, do they come into play in your video game time??

If your always playing the bad guy, if you like 'darker roles', if you like 'beating up the good guys' in games .. Is that reflective of who you are as a person?

How far can we dis-associate ourselves from the characters we play, the movies we watch, or the books/comics we read?

Stuff to reflect on.

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