Friday, November 12, 2010


Ahh Fridays, the beacon of sun in a cloudy week.   Today's adventure of mine started with my daily devotional in Mark, which is at, and then checking my email.   Low and behold, I'm invited to play a closed beta of a really cool game.   Unfortunately the download is like 12.7 GB, and on my internet speed, this is going to take some time to accomplish.   I'm thinking that I should have it downloaded sometime on Monday.  

But, I'm really stoked to get into the closed beta of this game, and once more I'm just a little peeved at my Internet Provider for being so slow, and not really doing anything to speed up the system.  *sigh*.   The IP is now charging different fees for use, and I'm considering NOT using their internet service, swallow the $15 monthly (and yes I'm on contract) fee, and just try to switch to a mainline provider like Rogers.   But, we'll see.   It's kind of hard to complain about internet speed so much, when most of the world is struggling to survive through some sort of natural disaster, or just trying to find something to eat.   Perspective can help in making one conscious of their blessings.

Speaking of blessings, I went over to Kincardine to visit my brother.   Such a great town, with a boardwalk that meanders along the shore of Lake Huron.   Today's weather being VERY fantastic, and the great walk was really refreshing.   If you want to see a town that knows how to preserve their waterfront, this is the one.   I'm on a budget so we went to McD's for lunch.. always have room for a Big Mac.

When I came home, I saw that my comp. downloaded 2.7g of the patch, so that's cool.    Tomorrow I'll be heading over to Hanover and mix it up with some peeps.   aka, eating crap, watching movies, and eating more crap.   Should be great.   I'll try to cut down on the crap.   It goes through me, and I, in turn, have to crap.

I'll probably head to Sauble Beach for Church on Sunday, and check out their more contemporary service.   It'll be a nice change to worship with people my age and younger.   Something about having young people worship that really excites my spirit.   I think the bigger worry is getting up in time to do my devotional before Church.    I almost wrote down 'we'll see' again.   I feel very lackadaisical today.  

Last thing I need to do today, finish watching 'Flash Gordon'   Such a great '80's movie.   Of course what made it great was Queen doing the soundtrack.   Really cheesy movie, that I don't think could every be redone.

Ok, now off to check out a Star Trek -Machinima video... if it's any good I'll post it here.

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